Welcome to my corner of the world

Hello… welcome to my little blog.

I don’t know how you managed to find me here, but that is ok.  You probably don’t know me, and even if you do, I won’t admit it.  This little blog is just a little peephole into my world, where any identifying facts will be removed and stories are probably so mixed up that even if you knew the characters you won’t know it.  Nothing will be about any one person in particular… but even if it was… you wouldn’t know them.  🙂

I had another blog, which is how you might have found me here.  I was feeling like I had outgrown that blog… although it did me well as a student and new nurse.  I will transfer some posts from there as I see fit.  But only some of them.

So welcome to this lost little corner of the world.  Say hello, and let me know how you found me.  I like visitors… just not spam.



  1. Mama Mia Said:

    Followed the link from your old blog. however text is black on black bkgnd – had to highlight it to read the post… 🙂

  2. AnonymousRN Said:

    Mama Mia… I don’t know why it is showing up as black on black background…. I wonder if others will have that problem as well. It should be appearing as black text on a beige background. I’ll have to play around with wordpress a little more and see what I can sort out.

  3. estherofsuza Said:

    I found your old blog link to here. I am hoping to get into college soon to pursue an ASN RN degree. I just wanted to say hello. I see your blog just fine.

  4. Mimibrown Said:

    Hi – I just found your blog today and have read every single post. I’ll be pursing my ASN RN degree, and I hope to eventually become an ICU nurse. There’s nothing like being in an ICU for 2 weeks to make a person want to be like her healers. I’m still trying to determine whether I’m being silly or is this really something I can do. Great blog.

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