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On this late summer Sunday afternoon, while preparing for a night shift I happened to turn on the TV and the SARS movie happened to be on.

Is this just coincidence, or is someone in TV scheduling land trying to make people think.  Especially with the fall and winter ahead, and the possible impending doom of H1N1.

Lately in the news there has been talk about how people think that H1N1 is blown out of proportion, and nothing will happen to them.  I worry that because of this attitude we might be in for a worse winter…


Well, I have now crossed off another item off the “Things you never thought you would ever see…. and never really wanted to” list.

I have now seen testicles, sans scrotum.

Ya, guys aren’t pretty down there to begin with…. this doesn’t make it any better.

A very graphic video, but so very well done.  I hope that folks watch it and think twice about texting/talking on the phone/doing other things they should not be doing while driving.  Remember, you aren’t only risking your life…. but the lives of everyone else on the road with you.