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I don’t get into political debates often.  And I am not going to jump into this one too far.

When I first graduated, I was asked several times why I didn’t move to the US to work.  With all the great job offers, better pay, some places even offering to help you buy or rent a house… it was hard to say no.  But my answer usually stopped the discussion cold.

I don’t want to live in a place where people go into debt to keep themselves healthy.  Where it costs thousands of dollars to have a baby.  Where if you have a serious disease you might not be able to afford to live, even if you survive your disease.

I know that the system here in Canada isn’t perfect, but when people need health care they get it.  If it is a life or death situation, they get what they need.  Nobody needs to worry “if I survive this, how will I pay for it?”