I don’t get into political debates often.  And I am not going to jump into this one too far.

When I first graduated, I was asked several times why I didn’t move to the US to work.  With all the great job offers, better pay, some places even offering to help you buy or rent a house… it was hard to say no.  But my answer usually stopped the discussion cold.

I don’t want to live in a place where people go into debt to keep themselves healthy.  Where it costs thousands of dollars to have a baby.  Where if you have a serious disease you might not be able to afford to live, even if you survive your disease.

I know that the system here in Canada isn’t perfect, but when people need health care they get it.  If it is a life or death situation, they get what they need.  Nobody needs to worry “if I survive this, how will I pay for it?”



  1. Sean Said:

    The pay isn’t better in the U.S. It’s actually lower on average! It’s just that when you travel nurse, you get your lodging paid for you.

    But, add to that the horrible nurse/patient ratios, defensive medicine, and the atmosphere in which healthcare is customer service…and you have what I think is torture.

    I would love to live in a great place like NYC, Boston, or Seattle…but I’m not sure if I’d be willing to deal with their crappy healthcare system.

    Nor, would I be willing to spend my days listening to people defend it.

  2. AnonymousRN Said:

    I don’t know what the pay is compared to Canada, but if you listened to the recruiters at the career fairs that so aggressively worked to try to woo us it sounded like it was all sunshine and puppy-dogs if you made the move south. A couple of my coworkers are planning to try the travel nursing thing this winter, and I wish them luck.

    I agree, I love some of the great cities in the US. When visiting San Francisco this summer I was actually thinking that if it wasn’t for their healthcare system I would really consider working there.

    I know that our system isn’t perfect, but in my opinion it is the lesser of the evils.

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