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Halloween was a little sureal in my world.

Started handing out candy to the munchkins in my neighbourhood, all decked out in their adorable/cute/creepy/scary costumes.

But then I had to leave and head in for my 13 hour night shift (oh yes . . . time change . . . fall back . . . everyone else gets to sleep an extra hour . . . . but I get to work.  Boo!)

I went from cute kids and their parents all happy and having fun, to seeing a mom kissing her “little boy” on the head.  A young man, barely even a man, who made another attempt to escape the demons in his own head.  He almost succeeded this time…. and maybe he still will.  Too early to tell.

Flash forward a few hours and a Trauma code is called over the PA system.  Never a good sign.  Rumors trickle up to us on the second floor.  Four young men (again… barely even men) in a fast car met a tree.  Helped a coworker admit one.  Didn’t look good, but was better than the others.  I was to admit the second.  Updates on him coming to us from the ER were not looking optimistic . . .  coded twice already . . . .  But my admission (to me my first admission of a trauma patient, first admission of a really sick patient) was not meant to be tonight.

This morning I walked home in the sunshine, passing by the remains of pumpkins smashed on the roads . . . . too bad the jack-o-lanterns were not the only victims of this year’s Halloween celebrations . . . .