Butterflies are pretty, but they don’t need to be in my stomach…

I have survived… and more importantly, my patient has survived my first two shifts on my own. I finished my buddy shifts last week, and yesterday was the day that I started as a “real ICU nurse”.

My patient for the last two days is pretty sick, but not horribly sick. He is only on one vasopressor, very sedated, ventilated. I have managed not to break him, which I was kind of proud of. He isn’t doing much better after my two days with him, but he also isn’t doing much worse. Right now, we are supporting him until he makes the decision on what he is going to do. Will he get over this pneumonia and whatever else is going on in his gut right now to recover… or will he take the trip into that bright light… Time will tell. Maybe he will surprise us.


Change of Shift is up over at Code Blog

Bazooka Joe or Bubblicious

She was a RACE* call from the medicine floor earlier in the day.  In with CHF, how in cardiogenic shock.  The intubation was quick, and she was still half awake for fear that too much sedation would knock her already low pressure even lower.

Fast forward 9 hours.

Her NG feeding tube is blocked for some strange reason, no amount of fiddling with it will unblock it.  The doctors try to put a new one in, but it gets stuck just past the pharynx.

Grab the laryngoscope to take a look… grab the suction…

“Nurse… what is that on the end of my suction?”

I believe that it is bubble gum!


What have you found hidden in people when you least expected it?


*RACE =Rapid Assessment of Critical Events team which consists of ICU RN, ICU doctor, RT and travels to the floor to help deal with patient in crisis.  Has decreased number of Code Blues by leaps and bounds.

While taking care of my 75 year old patient today, I ended up being flashed by her older sister who had a double mastectomy 3 weeks ago….

And by flashed, I mean lifting up her shirt like a drunk chick at Mardi Gras.

My response…. Looks like you are healing well.

In my head I couldn’t help but wonder, isn’t it usually the other way around… showing off you boobs when they have been enlarged, not cut off?

One thing I never expected when I headed to ICU, thats for sure.

And my preceptor wondered why I was giggling….

It would seem that spring time is a dangerous time for young people.

Recently, we have had a spurt of patients in their early 20’s who have been the victims of traumatic injuries.  Car, motorcycle, and motocross accidents have left these young people paraplegic, quadraplegic and amputees.  Maybe because it is my first spring in ICU that I am noticing this, or maybe it is a trend.  We’ll see I guess.

One this is for sure, I know of at least 5 young adults whose lives are forever changes…

Welcome to my corner of the world

Hello… welcome to my little blog.

I don’t know how you managed to find me here, but that is ok.  You probably don’t know me, and even if you do, I won’t admit it.  This little blog is just a little peephole into my world, where any identifying facts will be removed and stories are probably so mixed up that even if you knew the characters you won’t know it.  Nothing will be about any one person in particular… but even if it was… you wouldn’t know them.  🙂

I had another blog, which is how you might have found me here.  I was feeling like I had outgrown that blog… although it did me well as a student and new nurse.  I will transfer some posts from there as I see fit.  But only some of them.

So welcome to this lost little corner of the world.  Say hello, and let me know how you found me.  I like visitors… just not spam.

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