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Adventures of cats….

I have two lovely cats… Minou is a 2 year old calico beauty, and Kismet is a year old spunky little fuzzy muffin.

They play like they are sisters…. complete with the wrestling and love/hate relationship.

This morning they got into a bit of trouble….

… as told to a friend on instant messenger….


so i was sitting in the living room doing some email.  minou has been cute and playful and meowing.  the cats have gone off somewhere… probably to nap … when i hear what sounds like empty pop cans falling over and the two cats come running spastically out of the kitchen into the living room.
i figured that they had gotten into the recycling bin or something

but then i noticed that minou’s back leg looked wet… and she kept shaking it as she walked… trying to get something off.
in the back of my head, i know that there is nothing wet in the recycling bin… but didn’t think anything of it.
then i went to pick minou up, and her back foot isn’t wet.
it is greesy…
smells like….. butter

in the diningroom there are little butter paw splotches leading to the kitchen.

and the butter dish on the counter is back further than it was… and the butter is halfway out of the dish

so i know minou was on the counter… i donno how kismet fits into the adventure… and neither of them are talking.