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Bazooka Joe or Bubblicious

She was a RACE* call from the medicine floor earlier in the day.  In with CHF, how in cardiogenic shock.  The intubation was quick, and she was still half awake for fear that too much sedation would knock her already low pressure even lower.

Fast forward 9 hours.

Her NG feeding tube is blocked for some strange reason, no amount of fiddling with it will unblock it.  The doctors try to put a new one in, but it gets stuck just past the pharynx.

Grab the laryngoscope to take a look… grab the suction…

“Nurse… what is that on the end of my suction?”

I believe that it is bubble gum!


What have you found hidden in people when you least expected it?


*RACE =Rapid Assessment of Critical Events team which consists of ICU RN, ICU doctor, RT and travels to the floor to help deal with patient in crisis.  Has decreased number of Code Blues by leaps and bounds.